What They Won't Tell You About Zion Williamson
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  • JxmyHighroller

    Due to some changes in LVsoft’s upload settings I unintentionally posted this video at 1 am this morning, so I just went ahead and hit the reverse card and re-uploaded it for y’all. For the 9,000 people who watched it for the .2 nanoseconds it was up, get some sleep.

    • Ben Fair
      Ben Fair

      JxmyHighroller how about you go back and watch his game film and remake this video.

    • Link

      Don't know if you've seen this but here's some more info on the medical side of things. lvsoft.info/hd/video/eqiGoIJ6uHisqoY

    • neondeath07

      Here's some reference material for a follow up video on Zion, if you do one. lvsoft.info/hd/video/eqiGoIJ6uHisqoY & lvsoft.info/hd/video/eqRnm2eKtH-Az5Q

    • RsRaWeN

      Trae Young is nos injured. You should edit your video now lol.

    • Keith Moody
      Keith Moody

      I call bullshit ..he does have handles and can pass the ball and willing to shoot the 3.. check Charles Barkley stats when he was drafted

  • Anthony Joseph
    Anthony Joseph

    All he has to do is turn his fat into muscle, develop the basic skills and he'll be a problem.

  • 99keltin

    Jimmy was off on Zion’s weight being an ally as evidenced by the injuries.

  • Jacob C.
    Jacob C.

    7:03 You seem like a fairly smart guy Jimmy, but why would you say "ally" and not "asset" instead?

  • Codey Snow
    Codey Snow

    The Klay Thompson part had me rolling 😂 "Klay Thompson....49" Social media is hyping up these youngsters for failure

  • The DC Fan
    The DC Fan

    9:04 that's literally 2 jumps. The most obvious travel to call

  • Easy Chimps
    Easy Chimps

    All I'm thinking the entire time this video is going on "LJ. LJ. That's LJ."

  • Awesomesause 111
    Awesomesause 111


  • The Dozier
    The Dozier


  • D Harris
    D Harris

    It’s Davis eyebrows that dragged him down

  • Eman the baller Obika
    Eman the baller Obika

    Ur so dumb he’s coming off injury

  • SlamClamBigelow

    Not only did they do Drummond a disservice ranking him that low, they spelled his last name wrong

  • Oh Yeah Yeah nahui
    Oh Yeah Yeah nahui

    Jack Sikmas son Luke plays in Berlin for Alba,

  • Ryan Fyfe
    Ryan Fyfe

    Injuries better stop if he wants to succeed

  • Andrew Derringer
    Andrew Derringer

    I don't love those lists either but projecting for average growth at their positions by age, I'm shocked JJJ is only one spot ahead of Lavine. By age JJJ is trending toward Chris Webber and Lavine is statistically neck and neck with Dennis Schroder.

  • chris zanotti
    chris zanotti

    He's the 2020 version of Ben Wallace

    • chris zanotti
      chris zanotti

      The fully evolved version

    • chris zanotti
      chris zanotti

      I mean that in a good way

  • Mister C4
    Mister C4

    Too bad he’ll never play a full season

  • Sambo401 S
    Sambo401 S

    Clay Thompson is wack

  • JohnTomas Mulvihill
    JohnTomas Mulvihill

    2:00 At least he isn’t 69

  • Nba Grinder23
    Nba Grinder23

    They did not just put shai, and Sabonis lower then Joe Ingles.

  • shoe7525

    Stop trying to gas up using Excel to make a graph lol

  • Noah Eidmann
    Noah Eidmann

    Bro stfu you make all these dumbass clickbait videos that aren’t even good u fake ass d1 bitch

  • Jimmy Coggins
    Jimmy Coggins

    This whole video I was just saying “facts”, “big facts”

  • Tanya Cook
    Tanya Cook

    ... and they have him at 49 if you didn’t hear me the first 5 times... 😂🤣😅

  • one ugly boi
    one ugly boi

    It’s literally 2020 and there is still no Zion

    • Naruto Uzumaki
      Naruto Uzumaki

      Duck Wizard They changed their name in 2012

    • Naruto Uzumaki
      Naruto Uzumaki

      Duck Wizard Yeah i get that he was drafted by the new orleans hornets but he uploaded this way after they changed their name

    • Duck Wizard
      Duck Wizard

      Naruto Uzumaki he was

    • Naruto Uzumaki
      Naruto Uzumaki

      Am i the only person that noticed that he put anthony davis as drafted by the “Hornets”

  • Tony Bandz
    Tony Bandz

    Aaron gordon 45 💀💀💀

  • Joshua Frick
    Joshua Frick

    There’s some things wrong with that list, but Jaren Jackson Jr >>> Zach LaVine and Jaylen Brown >>> Andre Drummond isn’t one of them

    • Joshua Frick
      Joshua Frick

      @Lemon It's just not as valuable as it use to be. Not to mention Jaylen Brown is one of many good players on his team. Drummond ain't gotta fight for minutes. He gets that All You Can Eat buffet special. Jaylen ain't eating like that.

    • Lemon

      Joshua Frick no way should Jaylen Brown be considered better than Drummond. Brown is balling out this season but Drummond is a top 5 center in the league who’s putting up league leading rebound numbers, with consistent double digit scoring.

  • Walter Liu
    Walter Liu

    Why is AD so thin in college

  • Baltimore JackBoy
    Baltimore JackBoy

    Bogdonavic over klay lmfaooo I’m sleep

  • Sean Sellards
    Sean Sellards

    Karl Anthony Towns went 38-1 in college? Wtf are you talking about? They still rank the 2014/15 Kentucky squad OVER Zion and Rj Barret... even over the 2012 nation title team from UK. You're wrong about that one for sure.

  • Mark

    All hype. Hype sells.

  • Mayav V
    Mayav V

    zion overrated and overhyped

  • Bigfoot Johnny
    Bigfoot Johnny

    What the pelicans are doing is not using Zion to keep him brand new. So they can Trade him at a higher price. It’s like not putting miles in a Car to hold its value.

  • Justin Sias
    Justin Sias

    I saw Zion’s injury coming a year in advance. Greg Oden-esque when you see him walking around off the court. Knee injuries waiting to happen (and already did). Plus that weird ass shot? No way.

  • basketlockerball

    If only he could stay on the court!!

  • Scott B
    Scott B

    Where was Klay Thompson??? Oh yeah...49!!!lol

  • Finesse03

    Blake kind of felt like he was similar out of OU. Little taller and leaner maybe.

  • Fizzman23


  • Josh Olson
    Josh Olson

    He also reminds me of a slightly smaller Shawn Kemp

  • Chase Williamson
    Chase Williamson

    Hes my cousin

  • LeembaLanced

    He'd be lucky if his career would be similar to Charles Barkley... I mean Chuck was the first outlier to have high weight low height and played amazing

  • Rippa - Battlefield 3,4 & Hardline
    Rippa - Battlefield 3,4 & Hardline

    It’s a marketing thing if stats don’t match it has to be! I mean how can you amp up someone in a era of 3pt shooting when he can’t even shoot I understand he’s athletic but he ain’t no giannis or LBJ

  • efficiency Gemsound
    efficiency Gemsound


  • Jad F
    Jad F

    The fact he getting so much fame just cause he dunks, like literally just dunks. Tells you how pathetic social media and NBA recruitment has gotten.

    • Barfyman362

      Jad F you really don’t follow or understand basketball

  • Pablo’s Master
    Pablo’s Master

    He has the frame to play Rugby. He’s good but he’ll never be the Goat.

    • that dippa
      that dippa

      Pablo’s Master not really, I play rugby and I reckon he’ll be too unfit, I see his frame better fit for American football

  • Harmen Greven
    Harmen Greven

    Maybe there is a fysics-biological reason of the weight-height ratio. breaking into peaces? tendons, bones, cartilage all have their limits, espec in indoor sporthall with wooden or vynil (?) floors

  • Stageology

    That graph had me dead 😭

  • Brendan Heibges
    Brendan Heibges


  • German Ramos
    German Ramos

    I hope I'm wrong but I think he's done

  • Csar

    This is the business motto: find bullshit to peddle peddle said bullshit rake in the money with little effort.

  • Sage Hernandez
    Sage Hernandez

    Damn someone got Klay Thompson mixed up with Fake Klay “49” .

  • JM 1998
    JM 1998

    Zion is going to be lenged on me 💯

  • Ej Savage
    Ej Savage

    Low-key though Jaylen brown has been ballin' this season...

    • Cyrus Ryan
      Cyrus Ryan

      Ej Savage Facts

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith

    Definitely can see a comparison to a young and healthy Larry Johnson.

  • jhonbop G
    jhonbop G

    Hey dude..Jaylen Brown is making you eat crow right now witht that ESPN ranking huh...

  • Lucian Samsel
    Lucian Samsel

    If ge is DISCIPLINED enough to stay in shape after the $ rolls in his future will be memorable. I see a Shaun Kemp scenario.

  • Rui Mendonça
    Rui Mendonça

    But let not forget....49

  • ヘンリー

    ESPN sucks! You dont know?

  • JackTheGerman

    He’s gonna be 1/1, trust.

  • Shaneosaurus Gaming
    Shaneosaurus Gaming

    Zions the most overrated future nba bust ever he's a joke he has a horrible jumpsuit he's trash