We Tried a Labor Pain Simulator
Unus Annus
Mark and Ethan will never know the TRUE feeling of child labor, but today they attempt to simulate that miracle.
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Unus Annus.

  • GalacticLynx

    wonder if they'll due a period version

  • Josh Ipock
    Josh Ipock

    This seems rlly gay

  • Michael Salas
    Michael Salas

    Not my proudest wank

  • Rat_girl112

    I just remembered that they aren't doing that long of the labour. I remember my mom told me that she was in labour with me for over 48 hours

  • nikki merz
    nikki merz

    Just the fact that mark basically says you werent invited to all 20 of my baby showers is because i hate you. 😆 i lost it!

  • Raon Aikawa
    Raon Aikawa

    This is one of the many perfect examples that shows where Mark got his chaotic side from and i love it

  • Sasha Boileau
    Sasha Boileau

    momipliar is the best omg (great vide guys!)

  • jason snell
    jason snell

    O-o I wanna try..

  • Claire Johnson
    Claire Johnson

    Im about to have my second baby and this is making me laugh so hard cuz they don't think it's going to be so bad then they find out by like level 2!!! Hahaha love this

  • that's awkward
    that's awkward

    alternative title: grown men learn what its like to have a uterus

  • Chan Gaming
    Chan Gaming

    I love Momiplier so much omg XD

  • the fucker Department
    the fucker Department

    mark's mom gives the best description ever

  • Jet Fox2025
    Jet Fox2025

    I cry laughed through this entire video

  • king bob
    king bob

    Give birth

  • Miss SinJaye Wonderfro
    Miss SinJaye Wonderfro

    Mark and Ethan: Do NOT archive these videos or we will hunt you down and find you... Me:.......*downloads videos anyway for comedy preservation* Let the hunt begin, gentleman

  • Bradon Ray
    Bradon Ray

    What is the thing they used called?

  • Rian Smith
    Rian Smith

    eathns reactions make it so much better

  • Furious Firebal
    Furious Firebal

    You have to think, women have twice as many pain receptors as men so what they went through would hurt twice as bad.

  • Modern Wolf
    Modern Wolf

    Why the hell is this a thing?!

  • ye ye
    ye ye

    Watching this was also really painful for us guys.😬

  • Tactical Toaster
    Tactical Toaster

    Me when I beat my meat to hard

  • Mystic Derps
    Mystic Derps

    This is what I imagine a gay porno sounds like

  • PHANTOM SkillZz
    PHANTOM SkillZz

    I once watched a test were they had women try getting kicked in the balls and most of them passed out from the pain So is there are women who are saying that giving birth is worse recommend this video and other comparisons and you might just come on top

  • Elo. Chan
    Elo. Chan

    Mark trying to explain calmly how everything's gonna go Ethan wiggling his feet and being a child : *"AAAAAHH MARK THE BABY IT'S COMING EEAAAYYYUUUGH"*

  • Ella Scaife
    Ella Scaife


  • stupid chill
    stupid chill

    I didn't know I was watching porn-

  • WomenandGeeks

    As someone who has been in bed screaming in pain (for a reason other than labor) I literally couldn't watch this. Funny at first but way to much.

  • Misty IsHere
    Misty IsHere

    That means my mom went through this 6 times and the second one couldn’t make it 😱 HoW dOeS sHe dO tHiS That last ending tho-

  • Star Gazer
    Star Gazer

    I'd like these big babies to try Fibromyalgia for a day! 🤣🤣🤣

  • randal mcgarvey
    randal mcgarvey

    watchin this be like whats next *scrolls down* and theres a kid suffed in a suit

  • Emily Spouse
    Emily Spouse

    It's like watching a train wreck

  • Evan Wear
    Evan Wear

    After that call with his mother, it’s quite obvious where mark got his humor and personality from.

  • ally R
    ally R

    I love his mom

  • ÀMŸ ame
    ÀMŸ ame

    Mark voice 🥞

  • erin waldie
    erin waldie

    level 1 to 2 is probably like. period cramp level pain

  • Nesta Clay
    Nesta Clay

    My mum was 15 when I was born and I took 42 hours! Imagine how painful that was!

  • Follower Of Duck
    Follower Of Duck

    i love how momiplier is just used to their nonsense

  • Kiara Star
    Kiara Star

    Why is mark’s phone screen blurred😂

  • Super Family Productions
    Super Family Productions

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="128">2:08</a> I love how Mark is just trying to keep his calm. I can just see his confusion in his eyes.

  • Kill aid man
    Kill aid man

    It’s like taking a big hurting moving poop combing out of yore pepe

  • Skylar Hibbard
    Skylar Hibbard

    Mark your mother is a gift. Oh my lord

  • Livi yee
    Livi yee

    i like how ethan and mark mostly laughed the pain away in the beginning

  • ThePeacefulBuddah 234
    ThePeacefulBuddah 234

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="157">2:37</a>

  • MizSally

    Imagine going through all that pain and not even getting a baby...

  • Vitoria da Silva
    Vitoria da Silva

    This video made me realize that, it must be pretty rare to find a woman whose wouldn't curse the child when at the labor process

  • Samantha Stiffler
    Samantha Stiffler

    The father of marks baby is jack....

  • Dark Killer Gun Pr O
    Dark Killer Gun Pr O

    Now i respect women for giving birth

  • Ethan Nestorfan
    Ethan Nestorfan

    I am having really bad anxiety, and this calmed me down

  • Ashley Johnson
    Ashley Johnson

    i looked at this and i was like OH HELL NO NOT THIS but i end up waching it T-T

  • Riley Jones
    Riley Jones

    The people in the room beside them must be.......confused and assuming.

  • Loclyn LaBorde
    Loclyn LaBorde

    *Momiplier:* So- if you stuck your _entire_ hand in your mom’s vagina.. _aLL fiVE fINGerS..._ *Pornhub:* _Write that down!!_ _WrITE thaT dOWn!!!_

  • Navaeh W.
    Navaeh W.

    *watches video* Honestly what did I expect, it’s mark and Ethan on the same bed

  • July Jones
    July Jones

    This is why men should be lucky that they don't get to feel this type of pain like us women do.

  • GoldenLuckyCharms

    I literally hated every second of this <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="135">2:15</a> 😂

  • 0

    The amount of women getting salty because birth isn’t the most painful thing and they can’t victimise enough of it is pathetic 😂

  • Bella9t

    Momiplier needs her own channel just explaining things to people.


    Jeff He got you pregnant

  • Blondteens1231 Msp
    Blondteens1231 Msp

    "child birth isnt that bad." mark and eathen screaming!

  • Charlie Rose 23
    Charlie Rose 23

    This video is hilarious, it certainly made the thought of labour in a few months easier to handle xx

  • Jadus Hayden
    Jadus Hayden

    Mark's mom literally made this video 🤣👌🏻

  • Alexa Johnston
    Alexa Johnston

    I genuinely feel bad for them

  • Abigail Evans
    Abigail Evans

    the thing is they dont understand this is what most women go thru all the time

  • Amber

    Mark: When a man loves a man *signs friends in sign language* BOOM

  • Tonje Larsen
    Tonje Larsen


  • Thompson Childress
    Thompson Childress

    It was you, the 3.2 million people, you all fucked them.

  • Reid Foell
    Reid Foell

    Have you ever looked at a comment with a lot of likes and thought, I wish I wrote that "/

  • Spade Strange
    Spade Strange

    me, not even 5 seconds into the video: **wondering if I accidentally clicked on a porn link**

  • Prince Coda Leviathan
    Prince Coda Leviathan

    I'd probably crap myself if I tried this

  • 나라 Muse
    나라 Muse

    I came back here just to listen to Momiplier's explanation of birth again

  • Little Mun
    Little Mun

    I love his mom ❤️

  • StaticNebula26

    Day 127 of commenting on every video

  • Bee Stungus
    Bee Stungus

    That guy mark should really make a youtube channel

  • ninja kid
    ninja kid

    More proof Mark is A masochist

  • Drunk Woody
    Drunk Woody

    Why is the boss baby on the timer

  • JâçkśíńRóśé •3•
    JâçkśíńRóśé •3•

    Now ik what my mom felt 😒

  • cOOkies Channel :3!
    cOOkies Channel :3!

    life: Woman Suffer alot from a real labor pregnant stuff momiplier: Still talking and complain :) bout the suffers

  • Melanie Adams
    Melanie Adams

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="135">2:15</a> Mark: trying to explain something Ethan : THE BABY ITS COMING! OOOOOOOOOOOHH! ITS COMING MARK!!!!

  • Amy Ciriacks
    Amy Ciriacks

    my grandmother had 14 children. it makes a little sence because they were farmers.

  • breeziXD

    I am trans This video makes me regret wanting to become trans

  • Spazzidy Art
    Spazzidy Art

    I got to watching this finally... why on my birthday.

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