Tobi & Manny - Destined For Greatness (feat. Janellé) [Official Music Video]
Destined For Greatness by Tobi and Manny featuring Janellé.
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Directed by Konstantin
Produced by ZDot and Krunchie

"Started off with nothing, you could do it too."

  • Every one
    Every one

    He hasn’t really done anything all he did was play fifa not solve world hunger

  • Areeb Ahmad
    Areeb Ahmad

    This is humble rap not mumble rap

  • Kayne Roberts
    Kayne Roberts

    tobi go dig some whith dave and trasy beker like wtf

  • Jan Gorgol
    Jan Gorgol

    more likes in a week than Wake up call in 2 weeks with all the promotion KSI did. Yikes 😬

  • Brogan Ballenger
    Brogan Ballenger


  • Areeb Ahmad
    Areeb Ahmad

    I will tell my kids that this was the end of mumble rap

  • jœ mãmã
    jœ mãmã

    i’m not saying tobi wasn’t amazing in this but i feel like manny isn’t getting the praise he deserves. they both sounded insane.

  • Dan O’Neill
    Dan O’Neill

    Better than anything JJ’s put out

  • Filip Pietrasik
    Filip Pietrasik

    This changed me so hard it inspired me to try harder than ever thank you Tobi and Manny thank very much

  • Luke Hughes
    Luke Hughes

    The respect for this guy just went ⬆️⬆️⬆️

  • Syde_

    Wow thats insane every like is a skill point

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty

    So we ain’t gonna talk about how this has more likes than wake up call?

  • Reptile Boss
    Reptile Boss

    Tobi is insane do more music love the sidemen and just subscribed to tobi because of this

  • matthew russell
    matthew russell

    Fireeeeee in da booooth👌👌

  • Tyler Tomaszewski
    Tyler Tomaszewski

    Hits hard 🔥🔥🔥

    • ceerw buty
      ceerw buty

      Bah bah bah bah bah BANGERRRRR

  • Its_Classy

    *top chart spot number 31* well done man, well deserved honestly.

  • J & G
    J & G

    manny needs to make more music

  • Casey Magee
    Casey Magee

    Why tobi already better than ksi

  • J47D3N R0B3RT5
    J47D3N R0B3RT5

    Love this, can’t stop listening to it, out of all artists you could’ve chosen to do this with you, you chose Manny and Janelle. Such a talented family love this 👍

  • Keira Williamson
    Keira Williamson

    This should be in top 10

  • Dave Deevy
    Dave Deevy

    People who disliked were not desinted for the greatness

  • Leo Davies
    Leo Davies

    This deserves way more views than logan Paul song

  • Om Patel
    Om Patel

    can i put in on 200% volume please


    You need to put more energy in my dudes.. Without the beat, ya just talking monotone Imagine performing acapella, you'd be a lullaby ;)

  • luxe

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Dr Spazz
    Dr Spazz

    O.75 is alright

  • Jawzy

    I simply will not stop listening.

  • XxMahirGamingxX 786
    XxMahirGamingxX 786

    JJ: flexes his £500,000 beerus chain Tobi: flexes his free fifa

  • Dylan Fleming
    Dylan Fleming

    This song is unbelievable.. It is way better then ksi's . I am irish and I never heard a better song than this .keep it up bro plzz

  • Ethan Quigley
    Ethan Quigley

    Bah bah bah bah bah BANGERRRRR

  • Channel deleted
    Channel deleted

    0:58 Tobi trying to hide his laugh

  • Ben Leverton
    Ben Leverton


  • Nelvin Payes
    Nelvin Payes

    Yes more!

  • Irr3lvant 3rd
    Irr3lvant 3rd

    He tries really Hard

  • Irr3lvant 3rd
    Irr3lvant 3rd

    The whole family is talented

  • Irr3lvant 3rd
    Irr3lvant 3rd

    This song is op good Toni and many sister is talented

  • LimiT soafer
    LimiT soafer

    lowkey pretty fire

  • Zane scoots
    Zane scoots

    The roof they were on had the same design as the diamond casinos floor in gta

  • Musa Ahmed
    Musa Ahmed


  • Jo 74
    Jo 74


  • Justsomeyeti

    This is sick better than ksi I think

  • Alex Jones
    Alex Jones

    M8 ii listen 247

  • MoLtENiCe ZEN
    MoLtENiCe ZEN

    Fam this song slaps

  • Roderick Bowers
    Roderick Bowers

    Put the playback speed at 0.75x


    Do more song your cold at rapping keep up your work with you and you bro

  • Rithik


  • Lil Skurr
    Lil Skurr

    Better than ksi

  • Robert MN5
    Robert MN5

    No joke mannys verse is definitely the best!!

  • Nur Aeni
    Nur Aeni


  • SOCY Sloppy
    SOCY Sloppy

    Tobi is slept on

  • gaming king
    gaming king

    who ever disliked y'all have no taste in good music (btw banging tune)

  • Project 987
    Project 987

    I heard this on Radio one the other day me:He did it....He actually did it

  • han

    this is amazing wtf

  • Daniel Colicchio
    Daniel Colicchio

    a banger

  • LaggyAf

    What about jed?

  • LaggyAf

    Next Ksi and deji

  • red pilots dezza
    red pilots dezza

    This was on capital yesterday up loud in the parking lot sikkkkkkk

  • Janez Žlebir
    Janez Žlebir


  • RgH00

    This is wavey fam ngl

  • Hares Karim
    Hares Karim

    Crazy music Video ♥️💪🔥