The Dark Season - Justin Bieber: Seasons
Justin Bieber
Justin talks in-depth for the first time publicly about his health. He shares details on his history with drugs: when and why he started using them, and the dark moments that made him realize it was time to quit for good. He also reveals how he deals with his physical and mental health after being diagnosed with Lyme disease. Most importantly, he gets candid about the daily battles he's still fighting now, how he got help and took control of his life, and how, if you're struggling with something, you can, too.
Below are resources you can access if you or someone you know is in need of treatment, recovery support, or simply needs someone to talk to:
Crisis Text Line: Text SHARE to 741741 for free, confidential support at your fingertips, 24/7.
SAMHSA Hotline: Call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or TTY: 1-800-487-4889 to access a confidential, free, 24/7 information service, in English and Spanish, for individuals and family members facing mental and/or substance use disorders.
Visit the Recovery Resource Hub ( to search for recovery resources located near you.
Join this Facebook group run by The Voices Project for online peer support and to connect with others who are affected by addiction.
You are not alone ♥️

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    Dumme Clips


  • Nil K
    Nil K

    and i can understand selena after watching this video. the song "sober" in revival

  • Nil K
    Nil K

    i feel so bad for him

  • Cheesy Toe’s
    Cheesy Toe’s

    DJ l I dev j

  • Delena Delamary
    Delena Delamary

    Que bom que ela te ajuda😍

  • Samantha Tapia
    Samantha Tapia

    I rccomend looking into Ashwahanda. It's great for anxiety & stress. It balances your cortisol levels, but you need to make sure it won't cause any problems with what your already taking so I also recommend speaking with your doctor about it. Here's some info on it.

  • Melissa  Candelaria
    Melissa Candelaria

    Aww ....i'm so very happy for you. I couldn't have seen this at a better time. You are truly helping people more than you know by sharing this. Thank you with all my heart! ❤❤❤

  • Александр Резанов
    Александр Резанов

    I likee you

  • Kagiso Mokone
    Kagiso Mokone

    Come to Africa and eat pap and be strong LOL, these oxygen thingys are just temporary things for healing.

  • Mela Rahmayani
    Mela Rahmayani

    The point 13.57 ,fighting ,,go back

  • Mimoza Mimoza
    Mimoza Mimoza

    RESPECT. Thanks for your honesty. 90% of people have anxiety but do not talk about that. Justin I never was a fan. Now I become.

  • Your Friend
    Your Friend

    I'll pray for you and to those who resonates with your struggle, bless your body, heart and soul justin.

  • Ирина Павлова
    Ирина Павлова


  • Emily Holtz
    Emily Holtz

    Please stop 😭😭😭😭❤❤❤

  • Busisiwe Mambo
    Busisiwe Mambo

    Like is it me or these videos have no audio

  • Walter Werner
    Walter Werner

    Warum kommt er nicht wegen Drogenmissbrauch in den knast

  • Walter Werner
    Walter Werner


  • Вера Дехтяр-Дацук
    Вера Дехтяр-Дацук

    Русские вы где?!

  • Muskan parveen
    Muskan parveen

    This series will change people's mind about Justin and Hailey.

  • Bay Ankaralı
    Bay Ankaralı

    Helal olsun sana justin bieber seni seviyoruz Türkiye olarak. Bende. Bir bağımlıyım ama hala çalışıyorum bazen iniş bazen çıkış yaşıyorum bilmiyorum nolacak bakalım

  • K. L.
    K. L.

    Oxi Chamber ?

  • Laura Quirino
    Laura Quirino

    So what’s the point of this season I just think he’s bored making a series on LVsoft but it’s boring!

  • Lina Grs
    Lina Grs

    I'am belieber since long time ago, this video made me cry, seeing it in this state hurts me a lot I feel how he feels, I know what it feels like

  • phuong nguyen trong
    phuong nguyen trong

    good boy!

  • Pandora Lea
    Pandora Lea

    Creo que esta chica sí q es la indicada para justin.

  • Rina Dasasari
    Rina Dasasari


  • Nicole Rice
    Nicole Rice

    I love you and your wife, I was touched by your story, and I know your going to be alright, 😇 I love your sound, great talent, you are young but wise and very gifted, the very best to you and your wife, much success!!

  • Ash Gavin
    Ash Gavin

    Good for him growing up and manning up. Was a little tosser as a youth and hope he does well

  • Layssa Amorim
    Layssa Amorim


  • Layssa Amorim
    Layssa Amorim

    and Love You JUSTIN BIEBER 😍And

    • Layssa Amorim
      Layssa Amorim

      And Music Okay

  • Helen S
    Helen S

    Lov you Justin !🙏❤️

  • Alto shitpost
    Alto shitpost

    Gei xd

  • Nataly Barrera
    Nataly Barrera


  • elizabeth turner
    elizabeth turner

    It’s really great that he took his time after so long of being rushed. He’s learning for himself and doing what he can to make himself healthy again. From what i’ve seen hailey is great for him. she gets him out of bed, she makes sure he stay on track. Incredible

  • 명미경

    한국댓글었내? 그럼 내가한국인

  • Ahsima Rayi
    Ahsima Rayi

    Wish you a very healthy life ahead justin . Love you both hailey and justin ❤️

  • Jesse Sabo
    Jesse Sabo

    I don't believe that he has Lyme Disease or Mono. I think that is something the PR company came up with to explain his drug addict appearance.

  • Maruan Mohamed
    Maruan Mohamed

    Vai morrer tomara

  • Rafael Nahusona
    Rafael Nahusona




  • Amv anime
    Amv anime

    Io vengo a hacer spam



  • Kunika Yadav
    Kunika Yadav

    I think only salena and justin can cure each other

  • Emma Jones
    Emma Jones

    Is Justin a dad? He says to be the best father he can be? Idk what’s happening

  • Esther Swelton
    Esther Swelton


  • Camila Salazar Mejias
    Camila Salazar Mejias

    I wish i could know Justin AND Hailey in person, they both are so cute AND deserve love AND a beautiful life together. I wish i could hug both AND tell it. XoXo

  • fun_girl

    There is almost no way for people in his line of work to remain mentally healthy at all times. He’s doing good for what he’s got to deal with. I wish him all the very best, cos that fame lifestyle looks like hell on earth.

  • Ki ra
    Ki ra

    You are a beautiful person and glad that you came out of that bubble world. Sending you a virtual hug (a BIG one) and lots of love from Bhutan 🇧🇹.

  • Digna Caneo
    Digna Caneo

    Verdades ocultas

  • Columban Tu Shan
    Columban Tu Shan

    My hero

  • Maddy LOL
    Maddy LOL

    I am glad they correctly diagnosed the Lyme. I had undiagnosed Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever for years, it's a mess. I wish it on no one.

  • JacquelineRosexo

    as someone who has dealt with anxiety and depression it tears my heart open to hear stories like these. your so strong thank you for sharing your story!

  • Angel Katty
    Angel Katty

    So much respect for Justin and he's courage to speak up about his mental and other issues. Also super thankful for Hailey for being such a strong support even educating herself about justin's condition. I couldn't help but tear up tbh

  • Javier Fernandez
    Javier Fernandez


  • Tiffany Dorese Winfree, MDiv
    Tiffany Dorese Winfree, MDiv

    So so awesome.

  • Tisch Brannon
    Tisch Brannon

    It's so helpful to so many young kids and teens and even adults that you were brave enough to come out and talk about this. So many people struggle. I pray you reach many and help them turn their lives around. God's strength to you and anyone on here who needs it. 🙏❤

  • K Lee
    K Lee

    I wish mac miller made it through the challenges too. :/

  • Marco tulio Soares
    Marco tulio Soares


  • Los Hermanos santos
    Los Hermanos santos

    I love you💙💙

  • MidWest PartyFest
    MidWest PartyFest

    So 45% of people have mental health issues at some point. So basically, if this number runs up anymore itll be majority of americans, which means its normal then and its not an "issue" any longer. Listen, you live, you die, theres no such thing as a normal mental state. Deal with it and live your life.