Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Impressions: Mixed Feelings!
Marques Brownlee
Foldable glass and flagship build? Galaxy Z flip proves folding phones are evolving fast... but does that mean this one's worth $1380?
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  • Vivek K
    Vivek K

    So no tempered glass then I presume

  • Jamie Vatarga
    Jamie Vatarga

    "Scratches at a level 2 with deeper grooves at a level 3"

  • tommy Mr
    tommy Mr

    Really nice I will buy it

  • Zild4 Short
    Zild4 Short

    What if the lcd will crack

  • Kenjew Kii
    Kenjew Kii

    1:47 Okay, buddy, you might want to check JerryRigEverything's video before making that statement...

  • Zac Paul
    Zac Paul

    I appreciate how bold this design is, but you definitely pay one heck of a steep price for convenience.

  • Cho Nicholas Yejun
    Cho Nicholas Yejun

    Guys you don’t need to say thank you to Koreans. We know that we are the smartest people ever

  • Marcello

    ok my question is how many folds can that glass take before it tears

  • darkprince56

    I really wish Motorola had released an updated Razr but still as a flip phone, not smartphone

  • darkprince56

    This is just a passing gimmick to me… I still have my S8 and while I really like it, I was over the curved screen reeeal quick🙄 and I also don't want to upgrade because of the missing headphone jack, ever increasing prices, ugly notches or cameras directly on the screen (instead of being hidden in the bezel) and not being able to use my own memory card to force me to buy a higher gb phone.

  • John Mirra
    John Mirra

    It looks like a woman's make up case. That's a hard pass for me haha.

  • MGfails

    1:55 yes, you can. JerryRigEverything proves it! The glass is under the permanent plastic layer

  • Lucas Bates
    Lucas Bates

    with the crease how do u think the phone will stay together u are just being picky and just get on with it

  • Mou Ja
    Mou Ja

    MKBHD it's glass. JerryRigEverything it's not glass!!

  • Babaa YAGA
    Babaa YAGA

    I just want a smartphone with a pen in it.

  • AMV Network
    AMV Network

    Anyone here know that some hindus( a religion in india) do not eat non-vegetarian food ,they do not eat the food like chicken and all that because they have a feeling for animals .They even dont eat eggs, all hindus are not pure vegetarian, but India is the most vegetarian populated country

  • Charanjeet Singh
    Charanjeet Singh

    Whenever he says "i have mixed feelings", you know that shit ain't worth.

  • Gazing Skies
    Gazing Skies

    Ngl, it looks like a Gameboy SP with a camera

  • Hillary Orinde
    Hillary Orinde

    The radio cassette was deliberately left in the shot for conversation.

  • Lieutenant General Obvious
    Lieutenant General Obvious

    1990: Yay! Mobile phones are here to stay! 1995: We're slowly figuring out how to remove antennas that extend above the devices. 2000: Color screens yo! Also, you can listen to the radio. 2005: They flip now! Isn't that RAD!? 2010: Goodbye PDA - Hello Smartphone! 2015: SUPER-Color screens yo! Also, sorry no more radio. 2020: tHeY fLiP nOw¡ iSnT tHaT cAsH mOnEy¿¡ 2030(?): Antennas are back!

  • Marv
    Marv CAN literally dig your fingernail into it. Check some of the proper reviews...this guy.

  • Henri Bails
    Henri Bails

    This would be the best GameBoy simulator.

  • szewei85

    Haha nice

  • Demetre Shepherd
    Demetre Shepherd

    Markass Brownlee

  • Lil Sunny
    Lil Sunny

    So I guess this phone will never have a case🤔

  • BurritoCat

    Please Review The Moto G7 Or Moto G7 Power.

  • Mounir BASSOU
    Mounir BASSOU

    it did


    I feel like the price is to insight quality because it's not worth that. The price is going to drop drastically just like any other phone. I say wait another gen, but that flip style viewer for video calls etc looks useful.

  • Marcus

    My OCD can't deal with that crease

  • Matthew DeBoer
    Matthew DeBoer

    Watch jerryrigeverything’s video. It’s not glass

  • amiin haider
    amiin haider

    I'vote 👍samsung flip samsung is kingdoom of smartphons 💎💎💎

  • Self Aware Devices / Bilinçli Cihazlar
    Self Aware Devices / Bilinçli Cihazlar

    again, if you know better, make something better! you are a youtuber, what did you invent!?

  • Michael Bell
    Michael Bell

    This whole concept of a folding phone is easily one of the dumbest things Ive seen. The old Apple scroll idea like 8 years ago would be a lot more logical than this.

  • nosachamos

    It's literally plastic. Has been tested in other channels, you can mark it with your fingernails.

  • Ace

    4:52 🤣🤣

  • Justme21021

    ONLY REALLY STUPID PEOPLE BUY ONE MOBILE PHONE AFTER ANOTHER....Just because it has a new design and few features more... WHO NEEDS this SHIT !!! just be happy with your MOBILE PHONE you have already. WHO NEEDS so many MOBILE PHONES...really STUPID.. WASTE OF MONEY !!!!

  • Luke Detering
    Luke Detering

    I have a foldable phone. It's called a Nintendo DS


    Oh that poor man. All that massive suffering he experiences each and every time as he feels the fold grove in the center of the phone. Someone call an ambulance.

  • Jatin

    i like it

  • Luigi505buz

    Soooo......What phonecase shall thy use? 😎

  • Sorok Tamás
    Sorok Tamás

    early 2000s: Oh my godddd flip phones are soo lame we don't need those 2020: OMG IS THAT A GALAXY Z FLIP NO WAY guys nokia did this like 40 years ago i dont see why these phones are big deals

  • Othman Ahmed ELgebaly
    Othman Ahmed ELgebaly

    I am an Arabic content creator interested in Taklongpa. I need your support to continue the channel

  • Una Carafea
    Una Carafea

    I'd rather find a payphone and wait in line at a post office to communicate than pay $1300 for a phone that brings not much more than the ability to flip the screen.

  • Ben Kelly
    Ben Kelly

    Absolutely ridiculous

  • Richard

    Back to the drawing board, flip phones are in

  • Leonard Lawrence
    Leonard Lawrence

    Looks awesome!!!

  • Here & Now
    Here & Now

    Wondering how long this gimick is going to last. Seems like Samsung only sells phone because they are gimmicky. This will break, by the hinge/glass or it'll catch fire.

  • Moses K
    Moses K

    It looks cool but I don’t think I’d get one. Maybe in the future after more improvements. I definitely like the idea of a folding tablet.

  • Mac Hackintosh
    Mac Hackintosh


  • just.mxtt. F
    just.mxtt. F

    Why did no one review the Huawei mate x??

  • E. Camilo
    E. Camilo

    People: "Apple is so greedy. I am sure no other smartphone company will ever be this greedy!" Samsung: * Hold my foldphone *

  • Nutellah

    the best thing about folding phones is the display isn't exposed (i always killed my phone when taking it out of my pocket)

  • Arup Nayak
    Arup Nayak

    Stop reviewing only high end stuff.

  • Pasdor 2
    Pasdor 2

    It is plastic and you can dig your nails in though, you should watch Jerry rig everything’s video

  • Shardool Trivedi
    Shardool Trivedi

    10 years later apple will launch a foldable phone and call it innovation

  • Chaddyboi D
    Chaddyboi D

    Amazing video you really inspired me to start my channel would you mind taking a look and maybe subbing??

  • FaZe Aqua
    FaZe Aqua

    Wouldn't It break quicktly?

  • 시골촌놈

    남자는 핑크지..ㄷㄷㄷ

  • Bubblesoda

    This video aged like milk. Calling the screen glass when Jerryrigeverything just exposed it as plastic. And don't defend it as having 'a thin layer of glass' in it. No even if there was a thin layer of glass underneath the plastic then Marquess and all other users are still touching and interacting with the useless plastic that can be scratched by a fingernail not the glass. Samsung marketing is a scam.

  • Ben Norris
    Ben Norris

    It's a bit of a gimik tbh. Just go and get a one plus 7 pro for half the price like I did a few months back.