Our New House is Haunted!? (Ghost Reveals Secret Tunnel in Our Backyard at 3am) World's Ultimate
Matt and Rebecca
After Rebecca Zamolo created "Giant Tinder In Real Life w/ Best Friend Crush to Win First Date! (24 Hour Challenge vs Kiss Hacks)", Matt and Rebecca uploaded “Surprising my Best Friends with their Dream Car and Racing them For $10,000” The Real Game Master posted “Last to Leave Tiny House Wins It and $10,000!”, then the Game Master Incorporated made “Coke and Mentos Experiment to Win Tiny Safe House!.” Now Matt and Rebecca must explore the hidden tunnel in their backyard. Daniel quickly reveals that its not safe. Daniel sets up spy gadgets to keep an eye on the tunnel before they go down. They go back to the house and Agent R and Agent S are waiting. They read a note together and need to solve the clue and riddles of whats inside the house. Everyone splits up right after Daniel tells them a ghost story about the house that it might be haunted. While they explore the agents both go missing. Rebecca finds a creepy doll and Matt talks to a ghost. Rebecca screams and matt comes to rescue his wife. When they meet up with the agents they are missing but found a note. It says to meet up at the tunnel at 3am for a secret meeting. Matt wakes up and has a secret meeting with the mysterious game master. Right then Matt gets a text from Daniel who sent over the footage from the security camera. Is the house haunted? Its Agent R going down the tunnel in the backyard. Why would he do this? Should we go inside the tunnel and explore? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • Matt and Rebecca
    Matt and Rebecca

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    • Juan Herrera
      Juan Herrera

      rebecas things were moving

    • Patrick Ostrowski
      Patrick Ostrowski

      IPhone goes behind your house

    • shereen effat
      shereen effat

      I saw the GM behind Rebecca when Rebecca was reading then note.

    • Kristina Conkova
      Kristina Conkova

      Basically Agent s said that Daniel said something about the house and the power and the tunnel and then he said speaking about the power and he put the camera down and he disappeared

    • Christie smidt
      Christie smidt

      I already did like last week

  • zoedotd

    I saw the game master 😯

  • zoedotd

    I also saw the game master

    • zoedotd


  • Sarah Saoud
    Sarah Saoud

    i saw the game master when you were talking to the anget

  • LAURA hough
    LAURA hough

    When you was about to explore your room they was a ghost in mats closet

  • Sithuna Sram
    Sithuna Sram

    Everyone knows there a ghost not a ghost but there's game master everytime behind you

  • Sithuna Sram
    Sithuna Sram

    Daniel says this house is haunted

  • Vanessa Vasquez
    Vanessa Vasquez

    I think I saw the game master

  • Pam Erickson
    Pam Erickson

    It’s the game master

  • Juliet Valle
    Juliet Valle

    lol it was the games master but idk no why

  • Sondonna Hairston
    Sondonna Hairston

    The game master is in the house

  • Katara Ward
    Katara Ward

    Rebecca I Sean the game master behind you when you were reading the note

  • Pedro Hernandez
    Pedro Hernandez

    The gamemaster was There and terning on the lights

  • kaylie Whailie Gaming
    kaylie Whailie Gaming

    i Saw Someone

  • Veronica Nichols
    Veronica Nichols

    GM is her

  • Emily Rudolf
    Emily Rudolf

    game master was in your house

  • Maria Ferretiz
    Maria Ferretiz


  • Nicole Gray
    Nicole Gray

    The game masters in your house when you were looking in the bedroom

  • Jose Velasquez
    Jose Velasquez


  • Ariana Bright-colley
    Ariana Bright-colley

    This is not fair

  • Never give up
    Never give up

    Game master Like if you saw

  • hamood albandar
    hamood albandar

    gaem master is en yor huos

  • Hanan Sayed
    Hanan Sayed

    if you think that the game master closed the door If you think like that 👎👎

  • Phoenix Flame
    Phoenix Flame

    Its the game master I thought he was on ur side?

  • Jessica Workman
    Jessica Workman

    I saw the gane master

  • Gloria Hall
    Gloria Hall

    The game master is behind you

  • lacey lassiter
    lacey lassiter

    its not a gost its game master

  • Iyanna Butler
    Iyanna Butler

    The game master in your house😱😱😱😱😱

    • Iyanna Butler
      Iyanna Butler

      😶😶😶😶.I l.l.l.l.l.l.l😳😳😲😲😱

  • Hayat Alassani
    Hayat Alassani

    I saw the game master behind rebecca when rebecca was reading the nok like if you saw too.

  • Zoe Bermingham
    Zoe Bermingham

    The game master is in your house

  • Zoe Bermingham
    Zoe Bermingham

    The game master I saw him behind you

  • Emily Bowman
    Emily Bowman

    I love you guys

  • Shequita Woodson
    Shequita Woodson

    The game master is behind Rebecca

  • Zoey Woosley
    Zoey Woosley

    Its the game master

  • Raven Elliott
    Raven Elliott

    The game master was in your bedroom closet and plz be careful

  • Saad Faraj
    Saad Faraj


  • Dominique Pinnock
    Dominique Pinnock

    Look behind you the gamemaster

  • artur pawlak
    artur pawlak

    I’m lily l sow a watt gumper

  • ggwghgsfmh g e Jrfg
    ggwghgsfmh g e Jrfg

    I think it was the game master behind matt

  • Yaya Hernandez
    Yaya Hernandez

    I think the game master is the goust

  • Joselyn Ortega
    Joselyn Ortega

    The game master is in your house 🏡

  • Annabella Miguel
    Annabella Miguel

    The game master in that room that you can’t open

  • Ali Ireland
    Ali Ireland

    the game master is in your HOUSE rebecca

  • Jacqui Hindes
    Jacqui Hindes


  • Ali Lari
    Ali Lari

    Matt and Rebecca ther a ghost black now the ghost in a back in the couch

  • SlimeGJ

    MAT behind you was the game master

  • Destiny Chilvers
    Destiny Chilvers

    behind matt

  • Ali Lari
    Ali Lari

    I see down stair is big window is a ghost in behind you all

  • Destiny Chilvers
    Destiny Chilvers

    The game master is.

  • Jaelen Wright
    Jaelen Wright

    is somebody in a white hoodie and pants and a black mask

  • Enja Girl26
    Enja Girl26

    The GAMEMASTER is in ur house x

  • Laura Rochette
    Laura Rochette

    The game master was behind you matt

  • Mony Khater
    Mony Khater


  • Kayla Flavin
    Kayla Flavin

    The game master is in rebecas closit

  • Bella Salisbury
    Bella Salisbury

    Rebecca there guarding you

  • Bella Salisbury
    Bella Salisbury

    Game master was there will Rebecca was there when you read the card

  • yogan markandu
    yogan markandu

    The Lake Off secret

  • caroline Miller
    caroline Miller

    Someone keeps going behind all of you

  • caroline Miller
    caroline Miller

    I sore someone behind matt

  • pruegiles

    I sore a hacku and IT was withe and IT has a mask

  • Helen Wilson
    Helen Wilson

    While you were reading the note the game master was spying on you

  • little rambow
    little rambow


  • Janette Tayo
    Janette Tayo

    The game master was in the small house while Rebecca was reading a note at the glass did you see it pls like

  • Paige Berry
    Paige Berry

    It was the game master who took zoe

  • Kelvin Hoh
    Kelvin Hoh

    I saw the game master when agent r was taking a snack

  • Allysa mae Estrada
    Allysa mae Estrada

    Game master is in your house

  • Jesjj Cilll
    Jesjj Cilll

    The game master is in your house

  • Philomena Barse
    Philomena Barse

    the gamemaster is at the house

  • Tropical Teuane
    Tropical Teuane

    The game master was there Matt

  • Christian Krueger
    Christian Krueger

    What if the game master is taking Zoe away

  • Teo S J
    Teo S J

    I saw a ghost in your house

  • Janiel Lou Merced
    Janiel Lou Merced

    play the vd to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="184">3:04</a>

  • Etta Nell Gray
    Etta Nell Gray


  • lemon and Teri toys love
    lemon and Teri toys love


  • Alison Davies
    Alison Davies

    I just saw a bunch of goasts

  • Malak Alwani
    Malak Alwani

    Your house is hunted down the little and the big one

  • Marina Harper
    Marina Harper

    ACG Master not when you say if somebody in the house and they're not supposed to be the Gamemaster showed up

  • life 2020
    life 2020

    agent s went in the tunnel

  • life 2020
    life 2020

    the game master was in you house matt

  • Christopher Cobb
    Christopher Cobb

    Watch your back