NHL Highlights | Red Wings vs. Blue Jackets - Feb. 7, 2020
Jimmy Howard made 42 stops but it wasn’t enough for his Red Wings as they were stymied by Elvis Merzlikins, who got his Blue Jackets a 2-0 win.

  • Jordan Perepolkin
    Jordan Perepolkin



    eastern conference teams are trash at scoring.

  • vikku si
    vikku si

    Perkelleen jonne

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian
    Book of shadows contributor Brian

    56th comment 🚅🚄🚝🚈🚞

  • Kydabest 29
    Kydabest 29

    1:00 is a dangit

  • гриша просто тех
    гриша просто тех

    Элвис творит чудеса!!

    • Buff Barnaby
      Buff Barnaby

      да он хороший Привет из США Путину!

    • Wadim Panadin
      Wadim Panadin

      Блин он реально хорошо стоит. Даже лучше чем Боб

  • ANA DucksFan
    ANA DucksFan

    CBJ is the toughest team to beat in the NHL I don’t care what anyone says

  • Haseeb Khan
    Haseeb Khan

    Just Got My Lafreniere Jersey!

    • Julia K.
      Julia K.

      Get Merzļikins one instead 😉

  • Nicolas Perron
    Nicolas Perron

    Elvis is a beast!! Great goalie !!!!!

  • Otto Zizak
    Otto Zizak

    How is Columbus still doing it after losing all those UFAs?

    • Derrick Ellerbrock
      Derrick Ellerbrock

      Because everyone overlooks how much heart this team has, especially with so many younger players trying to prove something.

  • BruhBruh 1469
    BruhBruh 1469

    Howard does not deserve this

  • Colby Caines
    Colby Caines

    Wings be the only team to get 15 shots in a game and outshot by 30 and yet still have a chance to win

    • doyouevenlift 1744
      doyouevenlift 1744

      Howard played good

  • Hard2LogOn

    Why didnt justin abdelkader take the shot?? Why did he pass? He should have taken the shot. And at the end why didnt the red wing player chase boone jenner down? Wheres the hussle?

    • L G R W
      L G R W

      Sebastian Death facts that was actually a phenomenal play by Abby unfortunately maybe his only positive play this season:)

    • Sebastian Death
      Sebastian Death

      Hard2LogOn watch the play again - The defence blocked the angle and so did Elvis - Justin didn’t have the puck on his forehand and Elvis was in position - it would’ve been a low chance scoring opportunity that would have resulted in a save regardless - the pass across was good but Elvis made an incredible save - he read his d and covered accordingly, not much else to be said - just a great hockey save, not many other goalies would’ve saved that

  • MuffyCakeMan

    I dont think CBJ needs Korps anymore. Elvis is amzing.

    • Roberts Gaming
      Roberts Gaming

      MuffyCakeMan 🔥

  • Gijane Gijane
    Gijane Gijane

    Ну и матч, даже моментов наскрести на пару минут не смогли.

    • леша морковский
      леша морковский

      Gijane Gijane тут все обзоры по пять минут плюс минус, шизофреник

  • howard cobb
    howard cobb

    They just have Jenner that

  • Mateusz G
    Mateusz G

    geez this Red Wings team must be one of the worst teams ever in years lol

  • CanadianGirl 26
    CanadianGirl 26

    Nice win Blue Jackets!

  • Игорь Киселев
    Игорь Киселев

    Какой то латыш сука

  • Austin Miller
    Austin Miller

    Yeah baby let's go blue jackets ! 😆

  • -Rinat Bekkuzhinov-
    -Rinat Bekkuzhinov-

    Detroit needs Russian

    • artis.

      -Rinat Bekkuzhinov- who's russian?

  • LieuFang

    You know it's a long delayed penalty when it generates two separate clips.

  • Andrew Pawlack
    Andrew Pawlack

    Elvis went from 0 to leading the league in shutouts (5) in just an 8 game span

    • Gate keeper
      Gate keeper

      Andrew Pawlack I was hating on him too

  • Sterling Rice
    Sterling Rice

    Howard with 43 stops in a losing effort. You have to feel for the guy at this point, playing behind this lineup must be painful.

    • Alexandros Mograine
      Alexandros Mograine

      Btw he stopped 42 shots

    • Sterling Rice
      Sterling Rice

      Digital Nomad Investor oh and i liked the deteriorating comment lol.... Maybe his numbers are down because their best defenseman is a 22 yr old with 100 nhl games. Has Howard gotten worse in recent memory? Yes. Does he have a 3.98 GGA in Tampa or Boston? No.

    • Sterling Rice
      Sterling Rice

      Digital Nomad Investor if 541 career games and a .913 save percentage in the worlds best league makes him a “bad goalie” then I officially don’t know anything about hockey.

    • Digital Nomad Investor
      Digital Nomad Investor

      @Hosp No, I'm going on Howard's performance of his skill set. Plus, his metrics are the worst in the NHL. He's not "decent" he is bad. Last time I checked he was 31st (worst) out of NHL goalies who played 10 or more games. He was never consistent even when he was average.

    • Hosp

      @Digital Nomad Investor sounds like a hater. Maybe Howard not as good as he was 5-7 years ago (when he was top5 imo) but cant call him "bad goalie" now. Decent nhl goalie, but not bad.

  • dopey

    god damn howard having to carry

  • Will Sk
    Will Sk

    Elvis, My last pick for my hockey pool. My last pick was a rookie and everyone got Kaako and so on, but me I took Elvis.

    • adidzis

      @Sens fan 86 oh, it's OK :-)

    • Sens fan 86
      Sens fan 86

      @adidzis no I'm saying it to Detroit they only got 15 shots I said it wrong

    • adidzis

      @Sens fan 86 nevertheless it's 100% save. What's up?

    • Sens fan 86
      Sens fan 86

      15 saves in this game lol

    • Wingman46

      Will Sk smart man

  • Barb Myran
    Barb Myran

    3rd comment

  • Elmer Muff
    Elmer Muff

    Elvis is back in the building that kid is OUT OF CONTROL 🔥🔥🔥

    • Austin Miller
      Austin Miller

      Yes he is he and the Blue Jackets are playing really good hockey this year if we keep playing like this all season long into the playoffs we could win the metropolitan division and win our first Stanley cup championship

    • Sens fan 86
      Sens fan 86

      @aigars2005 insane a lot of goalies cant even get 2 shutouts a year

    • aigars2005

      Elmer Muff , too bad NHL never considers goalies for rookie of the year award.obviously he has tocplay more games but I mean 5 shotouts in 8 games is just wow.

  • Campbell Kane
    Campbell Kane

    I almost feel bad for Detroit at this point...but then I remember all the cups they’ve won and suddenly don’t feel so bad :)

    • Ruben T
      Ruben T

      Also they're rebuilding, and the organization has a clear plan for the future. The toughest part of any rebuild is patience.