NBA Top 10 Plays of the Night | February 12, 2020
Check out the Top 10 plays of the night featuring: Luka Doncic, LeBron James, Ja Morant and more!
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  • Filippo Fanin
    Filippo Fanin

    Damn that Adebayo play 💪💪💪

  • Yisroel Weiss
    Yisroel Weiss

    The shot by Utah shook the rim

  • Nathan Baggs
    Nathan Baggs

    Mavericks 3 out of the 10 highlights.

  • Micah Enriquez
    Micah Enriquez

    They need to stop callin those throw ins dunks. Its more like an aggressive layup

  • Bluer Rabz
    Bluer Rabz

    isn't that a traveling? #10 clip

  • Geo Ortiz
    Geo Ortiz

    Lets go mavs

  • Eruption

    Did I hear the Ric Flair wooo at 2:17 or am I tripping lol

  • Eruption

    Bench player at 2:06 💀

  • Tamarka Diggins
    Tamarka Diggins

    Number 1 wasn't better than LBJ dunk!🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️👉🏾💯

  • Moms Making Bank
    Moms Making Bank


  • Wanted wan
    Wanted wan

    7 minute. god please. fast again come in my home.NBA.

  • Global Tunes
    Global Tunes

    I love it when the voice overs drop bars with the highlights this guy has bars lmao

  • MattyAllen

    Morant with the big old travel ?!!

  • Keefy G.
    Keefy G.

    GOATmentator the real #1...

  • John Adamptey
    John Adamptey

    Goatmentator is a legend with these sick bars

  • lopikol919

    Is travelling not a violation anymore?

  • Mocneflow

    nr. 10 ...3 steps :D :D

  • Rex Sales
    Rex Sales

    Andddddd he's back! #Goatmentator

  • Ulrik

    Jah travled to china

  • Chris Tan
    Chris Tan

    1:49 crazy wordplay

  • Beau Turnbull
    Beau Turnbull

    Okay so real talk what does he say at the end of his videos?? hahaha ive been watching him and wondering for years

  • Whyinem

    Solid commentating

  • Tristan Britt
    Tristan Britt

    I'm not watching highlights if idont hear this guys signature intro. I just wanna know are these bars written or does come off the with them..bars make the plays even colder 🐏🐏 commentator

  • Johnathan Adams
    Johnathan Adams

    Im sorry but lebron's dunk should have been number 1

  • cashmere johnson
    cashmere johnson

    So brook on the bucks Duck wasn’t top ten ??? I swear you guys can’t like the bucks 💯💯🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Marc Lazarre
    Marc Lazarre

    Ja Morant travelled

  • Jihad Abouhatab
    Jihad Abouhatab

    How's that number 1?????


    Give Ja Rookie of the year

  • Mello Chirp
    Mello Chirp

    In all seriousness 98 percent of popular rappers today wouldn’t have the presence of mind to rhyme “fetish” “Reddish” & “blemish” .. GOATmentator deserves a pay raise !!!!

  • Elijah Nicholson
    Elijah Nicholson

    i was about to say how u gonna show the caviliers alley oop but not the hawks they made 2 alley oops and both of them were cooler and the cavs failed to do an alley oop but nvm bc you showed the hawks at number one lol

  • ronnie gonzales
    ronnie gonzales

    fucking travel no. 10


    travelling still got top 10 always

  • Adiko Sealy
    Adiko Sealy

    Just noticed missed call by refs

  • Rausyan Zx
    Rausyan Zx

    Hi iiiiiiiiiii ha aaaaaaaaaaa hhiiiii hhhhaaaaa

  • Taylor T100
    Taylor T100 For u KOBE..just memories ✌🏀


    Where are the suns - warriors highlights?

  • Noneed Torush
    Noneed Torush

    Man, I luv this commnttr...

  • Carlos05live25

    0:06 that's a travel

  • Jacob Bennett
    Jacob Bennett

    By calling Gobert soft or "not the DPOY", you're devaluing Bam's dunk. Gobert IS the DPOY and that makes Bam's dunk all the more special.

  • King Dave
    King Dave

    On count it!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Feeder
    The Feeder

    Gobert report, never gets old

  • dave latumbo
    dave latumbo

    I was hpping for the luka circus shot

  • Charlie Strickland
    Charlie Strickland

    On number three anybody can do that but because it’s LeBron they had to show it

  • chapel cruz
    chapel cruz

    First play was a TRAVEL!!

  • G L
    G L

    Mavs got 3 in the top 10 💪💪

  • Cody Urban
    Cody Urban

    10 a travel??

  • I am Giggs
    I am Giggs

    Goatmentator will you marry me?

  • ERYS

    That move Ja Morant did was dope, but he traveled. Homie took 4 steps.

  • WSumieSpokoTypek


  • romas klimavicius
    romas klimavicius

    1min 53 sec stop there and look where Lebron hand wtf ?xd

  • Chester Medina
    Chester Medina

    0:12 damn that's a travel... You can't say that he gathered, crap Ja Morant walked 3 and a half step and travel... 🤦🏻‍♂️👎👎👎#shaqtinafool

  • Jackson McCutcheon
    Jackson McCutcheon

    This man just said fetish lmao

  • Sean Weathers
    Sean Weathers

    This is your DPOY🤦🏿‍♂️1:55 I'll take AD is in All Day over Rudy

  • BIG NATE 88
    BIG NATE 88


  • Youngboye BAM
    Youngboye BAM

    Dam best top plays I've seen

  • thoes dielen
    thoes dielen

    Gobert is a giant man..

  • yusuke fukui
    yusuke fukui

    where is luka magic shoot?

  • royalpoop

    First things first. Ja travelled like no one else on #10

  • Dave Balahan
    Dave Balahan

    Travelling or step 0 at the Top 10?

  • Video Time PH
    Video Time PH

    When goatmentator load managed to prepare for all star break