Hairdresser Reacts To Girls Going Red To Blonde At Home
Brad Mondo
Hi Beautiful! Today we watch 3 girls go from bright red hair to blonde with the help of bleach and color remover.
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Video Editing By: Kris Edrosa
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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo

    Hope you’re all well 💙

    • Christine Murrell
      Christine Murrell

      How are you Brad?

    • Justine Wilde
      Justine Wilde


    • Theresa Tran
      Theresa Tran


    • Yusuf Sabir
      Yusuf Sabir


    • Yusuf Sabir
      Yusuf Sabir


  • Skillegurl

    Wish me luck cause I am about to do this to my burgundy colored hair!!!

  • TheXcena

    Vitamin C treatment? Linus Pauling wants to know your location! 😂

  • Nicola Eliza May
    Nicola Eliza May

    Can we talk about the second girl (brandy)driving with no hands

  • Ataly Hill
    Ataly Hill


  • Chuusaurus

    brad just reminding me on a reg basis why I should never box dye my hair again. (I'm naturally blonde so I've always had an easier time lol)

  • Camille Zwilling
    Camille Zwilling

    I'm shocked Brandy cut her hair so well (even if it was blunt) as she was using tiny af CUTICLE SCISSORS!! Wtf? That's not fair! Everything she did came out really good esp when things could have gone really wrong... Like if I dyed my hair blonde then cut it with those tiny scissors I would look like a damn Umpalumpa who was just jumped by a lawnmower AND a leaf blower. Just sayin...

  • Cassandra A
    Cassandra A

    I love the way he does his reviews .

  • Amber Tyszkowski
    Amber Tyszkowski

    Can we talk about the second girl DRIVING while playing with her hair. I was expecting it to cut to an accident or some shit! Made me hella nervous!

  • Shyera Hikari 8
    Shyera Hikari 8

    Is it just me, or does Brad pause every time the girls in the video look stoned or have a funny look on their face?

  • Melanie Piedra
    Melanie Piedra

    PLEASE do a toner video & purple/blue shampoo reccs! 💛💛 I have balayaged hair going from very dark brown to an ashy blonde- my natural hair has some red undertones & I need to tone it, but my blonde parts are more yellow (so purple should work, right?) and the darker parts & transition parts have that orangey-red (so blue should work, right?) How do I tone it all and make it look good?? 😭

  • Kathleen Noffsinger
    Kathleen Noffsinger

    Brad Mondo! So I am trying to go red to blonde and I saw your basic video and I have a better understanding but I only have one other question. Should I bleach or just do a color remover, or both? The first video did a remover and a bleach? And wasn't sure if that is necessary due to my red. Or just an extra precautionary step.

  • Rj THE Magician
    Rj THE Magician

    I love how he said “I wouldn’t stare at you in public” and then I realized how many people on a daily basis know brad and must be terrified in his normal life😂😂😂😂. Can you imagine being the checkout girl at Walmart with a botched at home hair job and your next customer is brad?😂

  • Anigroeg

    So I don’t understand a single thing in this video but I just take it from the professional 🙃

  • sarabell 21
    sarabell 21

    Well I'll be Damned 😂😂😂

  • Team Ludema
    Team Ludema

    "oh its *screeches* it looks like a broomstick brandy. It looks like a damn broomstick" 😂😂

  • Victoria Meza
    Victoria Meza

    ur too nice !!!!!!!

  • j.s119

    Aahhh I just watched the last girl turn her hair silver the other day!

  • Blossoms Beauty
    Blossoms Beauty

    How do you feel about Ion color brilliance cream bleach?

  • Kelly Allison
    Kelly Allison

    the first girl looks sorta like Jennifer Lawrence

  • Jessica Meyer
    Jessica Meyer

    Can we talk about how much she isnt looking at the road and how much her hands are off the wheel...

  • Zodiac Beauty Babe
    Zodiac Beauty Babe

    Did anyone realize how dangerous it was that she was recording and not holding the steering wheel 😂

  • alex15 crazy
    alex15 crazy

    This girl really out here driving with no hands and not looking at the road

  • Brittany Keahey
    Brittany Keahey

    The fact he build EVERYONE up no matter what, makes me love him so much more than I already did 💕 he is a true queen 👑

  • Charlie Wright
    Charlie Wright

    Omg you're so cute and wholesome. I love it. I can't wait to get my hair cut after this quarantine. I desperately want a chin length bob.

  • Terionna Gillespie
    Terionna Gillespie

    honestly i found you videos while in quarantine and i fell in love with your videos and have been watching them ever since. so after all the videos and hearing “ live your extra life” i decided to dye the bottom half of my hair blue and it turned out so good the top part is blonde and i wouldn’t have been able to do it without “ live your extra life” so thank you so much 😂❤️

  • kylee Babyyy
    kylee Babyyy

    My hairs naturally blonde and I colored it a bright bright red and then put a box of blonde hair coloring on it and it turned pink😂😂and left it like that for like 2 weeks then put 2 more boxes of blonde and it was a light pink blonde and I left it like that and it faded out

  • Lex H.
    Lex H.

    I do not know what color I want to dye my hair. I have black hair and either want Pastel Purple OR a blue... Can you help me decide

  • EbonyJade81

    Yasssss!!! Please bring out your own blonde shampoo internationally so us Aussies can buy it too!! 💜

  • lyric mood
    lyric mood

    I had a hairstylist get the red from my hair and she didn’t realize the damage I guess, because after I took my hair out of the towel it was falling out in handfuls 😭😭 wish I had a video of it & had to get a bob 😭 I was so sad

  • Baylee Winkler
    Baylee Winkler

    I just bleached my boyfriends hair, did 2 lightening sessions, & used T14. The total cost was around $25. After the 2 sessions & toner, it's fully silver & I'm so proud of how it looks. I couldn't have done it without all of your advice & knowledge Brad! Thank you 🥰

  • Michael Keller
    Michael Keller

    Okay so I was just in the Sally's app and listed professional only is 50 volume developer 😬 WTF

  • consuelo Maithya
    consuelo Maithya

    soooo I JUST started watching BRad like 2 days ago n LITERALLYYYY he is SUCH a vibe #ILY

  • Charlie Simoneau
    Charlie Simoneau

    I’ve been binging Brad during quarantine, why not subscribe anyway? I love him

  • Judi Roth
    Judi Roth

    These videos are my major source of relaxation and fun. Can’t believe what I’m seeing! Love you, Brad, you are a treasure❣️🥰

  • JoAnna Henry
    JoAnna Henry

    “I can’t see Mandy” 😂😂😂

  • Heather Lally
    Heather Lally

    Some people just have good luck but I will never try to DIY my hair. And bleaching my hair is not something I want to do because it is so fine.

  • Sehvina Doumani
    Sehvina Doumani

    plz react to this @ and the things that followed this funny mess. its a fun vid would love to see ur reaction

  • Ashley Harris
    Ashley Harris

    Can we talk about, who was driving the car. Or why she didn't crash?!?!?!?!!!!!

  • Royal JM Money
    Royal JM Money

    So my hair is like a really nice brown blonde mixture and I am natural highlights but I wanna dye my hair a little bit but I don’t put the color I’m using won’t show up on the shade of my hair so how would I bleach it without it feeling like crap

  • Juliegh

    Bro I have red hair and I like it but I dyed my tips blue

  • ketsia Legentil
    ketsia Legentil

    See children she is not a good exemple. DON'T USE YOUR PHONE WHILE DRIVING

  • LoveableLyss

    So I'm jumping on the bandwagon of bleaching...I saw one of your at-home stylist (lol) use liquid lightner?! Would you suggest that over quick blue???

  • winter bear
    winter bear

    98% of the comments: brandi is taking her hands off the steering wheel she gonna kill someone :0 2% of the comments: normal seriously tho Brandi is such an idiot for not looking at the road and having her hands off the steering wheel that’s really dangerous to do

  • Quakelinchen

    I dyed my Hair from Red to blonde two years ago and it Took rlly Long to get all of the Red Out, idk how These Girls expected to Go Platinum immediatly....

  • Ashlie Liriano
    Ashlie Liriano

    I completely ignored Brandy’s red to blonde transformation b/c of her RECKLESS DRIVING.

  • Morgan Stinson
    Morgan Stinson

    I have a hair question!!!!!!!

  • Savedra

    Girl is DRIVING and showing us her hair at same time... Sheesh. Park and show, then drive!

  • Christy T
    Christy T

    I feel so much better for just paying to have my hair done.

  • Jae Cepeda
    Jae Cepeda

    It looks like a damn broom stick lmfao!!

  • Missy K
    Missy K

    The last girl really looked bomb with orangy blonde hair just me? Oh.... like before she bleached it and after she took most of the colour out

  • Anne Dunne
    Anne Dunne

    Oh my god did anyone else start freaking out at the last girl for Driving while vlogging esp when she’s blonde bc she’s Looking into the camera.... and her hands!!!!!!! Are both in her hair!! Even if she’s driving with her knees I’m so nervous I know ur hair is cute pls don’t die

    • Anne Dunne
      Anne Dunne

      Ok I wrote this before looking at any comments I’m so glad everybody is thinking about driving responsibly

  • Gps Gps
    Gps Gps

    Brad you can’t be roasting them with those chunky highlights on your head 😂

  • Alexis Johnson
    Alexis Johnson

    Brad Mondon are you gay?????? Or bisexual??????

  • Odette X
    Odette X


  • Jerica Locke
    Jerica Locke

    The "Hi, Beautiful" at the beginning catches me off guard every time. Best surprise smile in my mornings.

  • Lucía Gil
    Lucía Gil

    this is the second time I see this video

  • maschadb

    Thank youuuu, I need to take this red out but now I may just go to the hair dresser lol

  • Brittany Giroux
    Brittany Giroux

    I always thought you don't bleach your hair twice in a day because you are washing the bleach out and therefore you've washed your hair? (As she stated you shouldn't bleach your hair the day you have washed it)

  • Nimisha Narayan
    Nimisha Narayan

    Umm am I the only one who was really irked by how the girl was driving? Like keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel dammit. It's not that hard, do all that gymnastics to show your hair, when you're at home🤦

  • Sailing Nandji - Frothlyfe
    Sailing Nandji - Frothlyfe

    The vitamin C worked for me. If you have damaged hair and you don't want to bleach it again to get colour out it's worth a try.

  • mousemoo626

    We need like a level guide or something

  • Georgia

    lmaooo this is baso how mine went on my channel ffs

  • Allyson Drake
    Allyson Drake


  • Tatika Pollifrone
    Tatika Pollifrone

    Is it just me or does that first girl sound like Jennifer Lawrence?

  • KeKe Awnyo
    KeKe Awnyo

    I'm a natural red/ginger head, virgin hair but legit if I'm stuck inside any longer I will bleach my hair I'm trying to watch videos to convince me not to but idk if it's working 😆

  • Emily McGregor
    Emily McGregor

    went by Sally's this morning, and most if their bleach is gone. The girl there said "yeah, everybody has been experimenting". Should be some more great material coming up!

  • Dayana Criaco
    Dayana Criaco

    No hands on the weel, eyes on the camera! 😰

  • Jessica Lucas
    Jessica Lucas

    3 things I know about Brad Mondo: 1) He is a hair genius 2) He thinks I’m gorgeous 3) He hates T18 toner

  • Cedrick

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="279">4:39</a> *Mickey Mouse*

  • TheGinMarie

    @Brad Mondo I really got to stop watching your videos. I promised myself I wouldn't dye my hair anymore because of cost of upkeep but I miss having light copper blonde.. lol getting tired of my brown hair.

  • Melissa Tate
    Melissa Tate

    I’m currently going from red to blonde, slowly, in stages so I don’t ruin my hair 😂

  • Stephanie Rojas
    Stephanie Rojas

    I wish i can show you my hair

  • Kerry Mcguire
    Kerry Mcguire

    Your videos so entertaining! The length of them fly by. Thank you for your amazing content.

  • AIW Rabbitry
    AIW Rabbitry

    are we really going to just no address how this second girl is just driving and recording 90% of the time...?

  • Littlebird Jill
    Littlebird Jill

    I love your channel,'re so cool and funny....LOL 💛

  • Emma is Emma
    Emma is Emma

    Brad: Lets get started. *leaves* *comes back* ...

  • Katie Lyn
    Katie Lyn

    React to "I completely ruined my hair using color remover" by Crystal Lindy. She tried to remove red dye and it turned purple and green and blue and I need an explanation!

  • Veronica Canche
    Veronica Canche

    That blonde chick is giving me anxiety with her driving 😥 😆

  • Kate Moore
    Kate Moore

    I'm sorry but can we talk about the amount of times she took both of her hands off the wheel for like 10 seconds while dRiViNg?!?!