DMing Celebrities To Pick My Makeup
James Charles
HI SISTERS! In today's video, I decided to DM 100 of my favorite celebrities and ask them to pick products for my makeup routine! Will anyone actually answer? Will the finished look come together? Enjoy as you watch and find out!
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EDITOR: Louis Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov

  • Bernard Rajfur
    Bernard Rajfur

    james i love you, your a legand but your left brow its higher than you right just to let you know :)

  • Sassy Slime's
    Sassy Slime's

    The amount of people who are so disrespectful to put this a thumbs down.😂😂😂

  • frieda miles
    frieda miles

    He can dm celebrities and they answer... I message my mom and she leaves me on read😐

  • rebecca's Vlogs and playz
    rebecca's Vlogs and playz

    Does anyone notest that he wrote mom to Kim ?

  • kay love
    kay love

    omg james i love u!❤️

  • Caoimhe Corrigan
    Caoimhe Corrigan

    Aw I’m so happy for u sister u deserve so much x❤️

  • George Irich
    George Irich

    i love the instant influencer season 1

  • Nelli Gurl
    Nelli Gurl

    Omg James is so pretty!! Slay!❤️👌🏻🔥

  • Calli Cronin
    Calli Cronin

    Who loves James Charles the kindes person you would ever meet this is how many people like James Charles 👇🏽

  • Mia Dominguez
    Mia Dominguez

    You just make me forget my anxiety

  • Zoie Stinnett
    Zoie Stinnett

    James you are beautiful I love you ❤️

  • Cristina Pasquel
    Cristina Pasquel

    Your next collections should be named sisters or step sisters inspired by your haters

  • Emily Rologas
    Emily Rologas

    Everyone talking about how famous people are replying to him Me - HoW hE tYpInG sO fAsT?

  • Familia Diamante
    Familia Diamante

    The way he speaks and move his hands is so.. So.... SO..... AMAZING!!💞

  • Elizabeth Alvarado
    Elizabeth Alvarado

    I wish i new who James Charles had a crush on~

  • Ella LeBlanc
    Ella LeBlanc

    I love you so much how do you remember all the brush names?!

  • Nicole Chung
    Nicole Chung

    i luv how he is talking abt if paris and him will make a video together well if u see instant influencer she is there!!!!!!!!!

  • C and A chezmuffin gaming 56
    C and A chezmuffin gaming 56

    Damn sister James your fingers move so fast when u text

  • Juliana Capri
    Juliana Capri

    Who’s Watching In 2020 Bc There Bored Cause Of Covid?😂😂

  • Jennica G
    Jennica G

    Does anyone els stare at his teeth when he talked like they are so perfect like I wanna trade

    • Sara Maldonado
      Sara Maldonado

      Great now I am lol

  • Nea Mancha
    Nea Mancha

    this look was absolutely STUNNING. everything just looks so smooth and pretty

  • Amber Motherway
    Amber Motherway

    Hey sis I love u videos stay safe plz I hope u get way bigger then u already r baby girl love u

  • imnotintiktok :3
    imnotintiktok :3

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="546">9:06</a> Well, looks like James is "blending in" with the background. :^

  • Lizzy Rome
    Lizzy Rome

    Instant influencer is quaking

  • M O O N
    M O O N

    james: *types a whole paragraph correctly with LONG nails* me: *Cant even spell a 5 word sentence*

    • Paige Duarte
      Paige Duarte

      M O O N ik I was watching and was like James is so sister talented

  • Anonymous Beware
    Anonymous Beware

    I now know my job when I'm a little older

  • Julie Cooper
    Julie Cooper

    You should’ve had Kim Kardashian or Madison beer on instant influencer. Season 2?

  • Gracie’s Life
    Gracie’s Life

    How is he texting without looking ?

  • Caleah Buletza
    Caleah Buletza

    Hi sister if you reply it won’t mean soooo much to me also I went to Ulta and it was closed and I was so sad because I wanted to get your pallet

  • Things Eye Makeup
    Things Eye Makeup

    Little does he know... he gets to have a collab with Paris

  • narwhal Greer
    narwhal Greer

    Hi has anyone else noticed that his outfit keep changing

  • Tze Wan
    Tze Wan

    Did anyone else notice his lash falling off in <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1255">20:55</a> ? Well nevermind that hes still a Sister Qween! ♕

  • Menal Javed
    Menal Javed

    Watching this after instant influencer is so funny cuz Paris Hilton came on his show as a judge but in this video he is so excited to message Paris Hilton

  • Laugh Time T.
    Laugh Time T.

    Me: *looking for a house to build on bloxburg* ALSO ME: *sees his vid * me agian:*click* James:HI SISTERS!

    • Laugh Time T.
      Laugh Time T.

      I love ur vids

  • Bianca Carly
    Bianca Carly

    james: and, you know who’s name was right there on my screen... 𝗔𝗱 𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗲𝘀 𝘂𝗽 WHY THE HECK AT THAT TIME AD?!


    I love games Charles he is the best!!!!

  • Thrifty Thoroughbred
    Thrifty Thoroughbred


  • lilly lovesvlogs
    lilly lovesvlogs

    My mom is getting a phone for Christmas yah yah

  • MilkyTheShaky

    This video should be called “ *Dming close friends to pick my makeup* ”

  • Emily Webley
    Emily Webley

    You are a literal god and you are just so happy and positive all the time and I love you. It would be a dream for you to reply but you are probably busy. Love you 💞

  • Claire K
    Claire K

    I love how he freaked out at the thought of paris hilton responding and now he featured her in his game show

  • Faith Cook
    Faith Cook

    Yall forget that James it still a teenager and gets freaked out when other celebrities text him xx

  • Ziha Parker
    Ziha Parker

    You are the best James Charles and your makeup is amazing💄😇👍

  • Killer Queenie1946
    Killer Queenie1946

    Is it just me, or I L O V E how he said that horseback riding is a sport? Like- YASS

  • Kailani Stewart
    Kailani Stewart

    omg i love you sister your such a insparation i hope and i bet your going so far in life your so funny too and your so sweet and nice i love to sing and dance and your a dream come true i hope you keep going as far as you can and so keep up the good work also im 12 and your auch a good inspiration im also thinking about geting your pallet 😉😊😗😄

  • Sofya Magdon
    Sofya Magdon

    Yo he's gonna beat SSSnipperwolf in they amount of subscribers

  • Emma Flaier
    Emma Flaier

    What about Charli d milio

  • Rapsody Park
    Rapsody Park

    I used to not like James Charles yet after watching this I’m totally jealous and following him LMAO

  • Sophie Sapir
    Sophie Sapir

    i cant tell what color his eyes are

  • Macon Music Practice
    Macon Music Practice

    The reason people are asking you is because you are famous

  • Avery Fleming
    Avery Fleming

    Wait why did he message Lil nas?

  • *its kass* C
    *its kass* C

    No one: Not a soul: Not even the stepsisters: Sister James: THE LIPPITY DOODAHS

  • Vijeta Bhat
    Vijeta Bhat

    U r such an inspiration...... Love u soo much🎀💓💓💓🎀... Love from India 🇮🇳😊

  • Sheemaa Tariq
    Sheemaa Tariq

    When did you start doing makeup did you se a LVsoft video???.????

  • Julie Orozco
    Julie Orozco


  • DJ Spooky Jim
    DJ Spooky Jim

    Anyone else catch James say "high litter" 😂 Love you sis 🥰


    Ok ok so can you pleeeaaassse 😂 do a Maddison beet collab ???

  • Nalie Thao
    Nalie Thao

    me: * looking at james brows 24/7 my brain : " its not the same. wait.. mines arent either😐🤣" { not hate just some i think is funny ✋🏼 }

  • the Advetures of Ashley
    the Advetures of Ashley

    I like how James describes his self the way I see it as like not a celebrity but here's an idea if u have Tiktok u would know Avani she does make u know her maybe u could collab just saying?🙄

  • Maisey Mittens
    Maisey Mittens

    I swear to god if Millie Bobby Brown actually answered my dms I would cry I’d be so happy. I’ve been a fan of hers before she was actually super famous

  • Katie Parks
    Katie Parks

    kinda pissed that he did not mention ariana grande

  • Storm Bright
    Storm Bright

    The fact he wrote them all out id be copying and pasting then doing a lil bit of editing

  • AngieAu

    typing 100 wps on phone :

  • Preslee Bachorz
    Preslee Bachorz

    hold up hold up, HE HAS MADISON BEERS NUMBERS (lowkey jealous ngl)

  • Belle noelle
    Belle noelle

    How does HE 🤨 type with those NAILS 😒

  • No One
    No One

    He sure texts fast

  • Park Sehwa
    Park Sehwa

    i would love to see James doing Jackson Wang’s makeup. GOAL

  • Alexia Sami
    Alexia Sami

    He should’ve dm Zendaya for brows, because her brows are PERFECT!!

  • Grace Barrett
    Grace Barrett

    he do be typing fast doh

  • Delia Stana
    Delia Stana

    where is ariana grande in this video???

  • Vincent Bastianello
    Vincent Bastianello

    James u should do a collab with Millie Bobby Brown

  • Heidi Carpenter
    Heidi Carpenter

    What about Ariana for eye liner!!

  • Sarah Mills
    Sarah Mills

    I wish you could do my make up

  • Alyssa Gonzales
    Alyssa Gonzales

    I NEED that Paris Hilton basket

  • Jocelyne Meadley
    Jocelyne Meadley

    Does anyone else realize when he did his brows they are un-even.

  • Eliana Ficher
    Eliana Ficher

    James : im not famous other than the fact that I have 19 mil subs and everyone knows me and I went to cochlea and the met gala Everone else : :I ????

  • Nyeemah Booker
    Nyeemah Booker

    i love you so much james charles

  • Emmeri Hanna
    Emmeri Hanna

    Yo did you see that cardi b and him have talked before that is f-ing crazy

  • wierdo potato
    wierdo potato

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="324">5:24</a> is there a booger in your nose? To me its on the right side?

  • Batoul Hassan
    Batoul Hassan


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