Am I Introverted or Extroverted?!
we try and find who the introvert vs extrovert is
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  • Simon Podd
    Simon Podd

    Please make a Zelda botw series

  • Aithne Sanders
    Aithne Sanders

    You’re an introverted extrovert

  • Santiago

    felix hates americans part 27

  • Mr. Mister
    Mr. Mister

    I consider myself pretty introverted, but I normally can't shut the fuck up because I don't want to leave a pause and make people feel uncomfortable

  • Bat in a Box
    Bat in a Box

    I feel like people identify themselves too much with being an "extravert" or "introvert"... I feel like everyone is somewhere in the middle. There aren't two kinds of people.

  • Nobody At all
    Nobody At all

    Alex is gay

  • zakarie freeman
    zakarie freeman

    pretty much all you said this video was "relatable" felix

  • Squishy Is amazing
    Squishy Is amazing

    Can you be introverted and extroverted becuse if so thats me

  • Le Respect
    Le Respect

    There is no introvert or extrovert. There is 12 zodiac signs and you are a scorpio. I am too. Come here , i know your pain brother.

  • Ana Rivera Castedo
    Ana Rivera Castedo

    Of course Alex was INFJ wtf y'all

  • Max Martin
    Max Martin

    the extrovert could probably get away with murder

  • BG Jc
    BG Jc

    Here in Switzerland we are all Introvert’s

  • Glen K.
    Glen K.

    The whole point of the jubilee video was to make each round more uncomfortable (excluding the silent round)

  • Jae dan
    Jae dan

    It really depends where in America you live cause here in South Carolina if anyone is talking to you out of nowhere it's an old man

  • KittyLikesGames

    My family is all introverted and so we have this really weird family dynamic where none of us talk to each other we literally just coexist

  • Daniel Knafel
    Daniel Knafel

    Can they say "like" just a couple more times during each sentence? i can't understand people who don't do that.

  • Alessandro Silvestri
    Alessandro Silvestri

    Wait, wait, wait, don’t introverts like to stay inside all the time and avoid all human contact? I’m an extrovert and I’m confused.

  • Troy De Soto
    Troy De Soto

    I knew it was her from the beginning because tiktok is SOCIAL media

  • Joshua Vanderpool
    Joshua Vanderpool

    find a sociopath lmaooo

  • ExtraZ

    Fat woman are allways extovert

  • Arabella //
    Arabella //

    I could sort of tell from the way she was dressed, if that makes sense. It’s sort of a mainstream, ‘on trend’ outfit...anyone agree? The other outfits are a bit more individualistic.

  • MiniXero

    Introvert + Extrovert = Pewdiepie

  • blades

    It’s <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="330">5:30</a> am and I don’t even watch pewdiepie wtf

  • Crown

    Write word " Reaction " in ur main language Реакция

  • Ksksksksks

    eVEr hEaRd oF aN *aMbiVeRT* ?

  • Ginger Vitus
    Ginger Vitus

    "We also now have the GFuel Gay Cups, Shaker cups." Lmao can't believe I didn't see someone crying about this

  • Humble Bumblebee
    Humble Bumblebee

    “ introverts deserve *poor* ” -Pewdiepie 2020

  • Cirno Chirumo
    Cirno Chirumo

    PDP mocking the 'need muh representation' is nice

  • Evil Gallo
    Evil Gallo

    can i clear this up because it bothers me when people mix this up. introversion and social anxiety are not the same thing you can be born an introvert, but you aren’t born with social anxiety. social anxiety is like a fear of social situations while introversion is like a battery, as there is a point where socializing becomes draining and exhausting. social anxiety is the fear of being with others, and introversion is the necessity of being without others from time to time. i hope i cleared some stuff up :)

  • Keira JENSEN
    Keira JENSEN

    I love it when Felix pretends he's actually there with them and talks like they can hear him

  • Ginger Homie
    Ginger Homie

    Maya: *breathes* Pewds : *rage accelerates*

  • Abdullahi Hersi
    Abdullahi Hersi

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1168">19:28</a> a what cup sir???😂

  • Helena and Meapy
    Helena and Meapy

    They’re not like other girls.

  • Miss_Tata

    I relate

  • hrlnd l
    hrlnd l

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="357">5:57</a>

  • Chase Kelley
    Chase Kelley

    Im not a introvert or a gamer!!

  • Lucid Insomniac
    Lucid Insomniac

    What if you're a lil uzi-vert?

  • Lucid Insomniac
    Lucid Insomniac

    Before watching the end of this, the one with glasses and weird clothes LITERALLY gave the DEFINITION of an introvert. Almost like she didn't know what it was and recited her google search verbatim. Pretty fuckin weird.

  • lindsey paputa
    lindsey paputa

    Lindseypaputa8 is my TikTok

  • E

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="735">12:15</a> killed me lol

  • Lina Diaz
    Lina Diaz

    You can’t be an introvert and watch tiktok that much without feeling uncomfortable

  • Aldebaransamurai

    Awkward extroverts are the most powerful

  • Asyraf Hadi
    Asyraf Hadi

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="444">7:24</a> i like what she said and the commend of pewdipie n she is pretty type of girl

  • Nate Tallent
    Nate Tallent

    ngl pewds english is slowly slipping away

  • bwiini

    introverts dont do tiktok.

  • bwiini

    i knew she was the mole. on offence but introverts really don't put much effort in their outfit but she legit came out of a kitty party

    • jen

      i thot the same


    I thought that it would deffinitely be Maya

  • Liesl Who loves cookies
    Liesl Who loves cookies

    Hearing this guy whisper really fast is hilarious!

  • Amndjungl11

    Introverts cries at parties, everyone knows this

  • Anup G
    Anup G

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="651">10:51</a>-Its a spectrum we have found logan pauls little brother

  • aola wili
    aola wili

    This was fun!

  • Judah Lehtonen
    Judah Lehtonen

    Pewds: watches in 2× speed Me: already watching in 1.25× speed wondering wtf just happened to the video.


    I find myself as an ambivert, as I have both introvert and extrovert traits. I’m an European and when it comes to meeting new people and talking to them, I am 100% the “American” talkative type, who seems like he won’t shut his mouth :))

  • szonja kiss
    szonja kiss

    If you're both then you're an ambivert, which is what I am. And I can so relate that it just switches if I'm more outgoing or not or how comfortable I am. I'm probably a bit more of an introvert as I can spent infinite amount of time by myself, but I can also spend weeks being super outgoing and be good with that too, it's weird idk. A really good personality test I like showed that one side was 53% if I remember correctly, but also, two years ago that small percentage was on the extroverted side and now it's on the introverted side and I'm more social now then I was back then so... my guess is that then I answered how I thought I felt even though because i was shy I didn't act that way, but now I know the reality more, still shy and not 100% myself but I'm working on it.

    • aola wili
      aola wili

      she was lying!!!

  • Kujana Hewagama
    Kujana Hewagama

    She Finna Spend The Money On Mad Amounts Of Fast Food

  • tamir

    Srry... but that guy is not an INFJ

  • Oscar Hernandez
    Oscar Hernandez

    They’re not just introverts, they’re gamers because they voted the black guy off first

  • YoFalc0n :/
    YoFalc0n :/

    i an 51% extrovert

  • koolkid95114 gaming
    koolkid95114 gaming

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1166">19:26</a> we have the gay cups😂

  • Min Yoongoogles
    Min Yoongoogles

    I realised I’m an introvert AND an extrovert from this ._.

  • Dylan Beetcher
    Dylan Beetcher

    American introverts stay home, that's why we all seem extroverted.

  • Chris Santana
    Chris Santana

    he doesn’t trust all the black people damn

  • UniFluffy TV
    UniFluffy TV

    Ambivert anyone?

  • ThatSommersDay

    I’m an introvert but I do like to call people and not text because I find the conversation ends faster. I save an hour of my energy for 10 minutes on the phone. I also do like to talk to people but I tire out very quickly. It’s frustrating because it sometimes stops me from doing the things I want to do.

  • Leen 1D_BTS_NCT
    Leen 1D_BTS_NCT

    tbh they’re all liars as an introvert i would never agree to get out of my house to do this

    • Evil Gallo
      Evil Gallo

      there are different types of introverts, though. not all introverts are agoraphobic :)

  • Viciouschipotle

    Eggs make me nervous too

  • Casandra Lopez
    Casandra Lopez

    Sociopath 😂

  • Zart

    TikTok girl; I'm very confident about myself. Also TikTok girl: I get anxious and can't talk.

  • Rachel Herring
    Rachel Herring

    And when that girl was talking about dating another introvert - studies have shown that intro-intro relationships are very rare and not usually successful. That's when I knew that she was lying!!!

  • BAEkhyunBae

    What Introvert can be confident and call ppl who they want to talk to Wtf

  • Liddy Olivia
    Liddy Olivia

    go back to speaking school

  • Not An Alien
    Not An Alien

    I knew it!! Her get up gave it away!! From inception I said "No sis. I know when you do leave home, you don go out looking like that." Introvert does NOT mean modest lmao. GG tho.

  • Not An Alien
    Not An Alien

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="949">15:49</a> Starship White Noise is nice too.

  • Not An Alien
    Not An Alien

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="699">11:39</a> Yes! People in the Caribbean do that. If you leave home, a stranger will talk to you.

  • Not An Alien
    Not An Alien

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="665">11:05</a> Correct.

  • Not An Alien
    Not An Alien

    I'm INFJ-T.

  • Mallika Glam
    Mallika Glam

    Michael Scott loves public speaking

  • The Killer
    The Killer

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="126">2:06</a> i completely agree with him ❤

  • Vanguard Lover
    Vanguard Lover

    Bro not all introvert are shy and unsociable they make introvert looks like pussys

  • хардкор

    they act like an introvert person is like a mental disease, like anxiety, depression, bruh it is just like not being a social/silent person lol , not that special